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I really love to draw.

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I'm currently working on a complete redesign of my own website (I am illustrating), and said website contains my music since I'm predominantly a musician.

But you're probably best taking a look at my stuff, because I don't really know how to describe it and I think you'll be a better one to put it to text.


Music is one of my favourite mediums.

Music often goes together with any moving visual medium.

I sometimes listen to music while drawing.

I'll have to check out your work.

I do a thrice-weekly webcomic here on NG, Dave & Carl, which also currently includes a spin-off saga based on one of the main characters.

You can view it here: https://chazdude.newgrounds.com/news/post/983218

a monthly comic is going to be lots of work on it's own.

You are creating comics under an extremely strict deadline.

Most people won't appreciate how difficult it is for Artists to reach a deadline successfully.

You'll be successful as a collaborative artist because of that ability to meet deadlines.

I make comics, animate, and I am currently learning how to code. Most of my comics are about these minions that live in a made up handheld game console named the Tera Tie. The main character is a creature named Mac he's got a quite big personality for such a little guy, he's a little hoodlum that can't fight, and loves burgers. I've also made three part video series featuring the characters from that comic it's named Platformer Pests.

At the moment I'm making a game, and making modifications for a fan game.

You have more than one passion.

A genuine love for the various art-forms will make your work better.

Your skills with drawing comics will transfer to animation.

Your other skills will transfer into that game you are creating.

You are also learning a new skill by studying ways to code games.

I'll have to check out your game.

@Mightydein I'd be glad if you do.

I listen to some of your audio portal music.

You've really produced a large body of work.

It'll take me a while to look into it all.