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It's very cool to some new stuff from the old star syndicate.

These quick little shorts are all funny.

Princess-Laucherella responds:

plz join our discord server pm me for an invite if u get this

I really love you thought of a creative way to tell the same story points in an already animated scene.

The teleportation device used to leave the scene works perfect as a visual gag.

using a walk cycle to leave would also work but that doesn't tell a very interesting story at all.

I'm curious about the teleportation device used in this scene.

Does it ever crop up again?

These reanimated collabs can be a lot of fun.

I worked on a scene Dragonball reanimated.

I look forward to seeing how your scene fits together with the rest of reanimated cartoon.

Excellent job.

Thunder28X responds:

Thank you very much!

The teleportation device doesn't appear later on, though that would have been cool.

The Dragonball Reanimated was great! One of my favorite Reanimated videos! I'll rewatch it and look for your scene.

This cartoon was hilarious.

I really love how you turned a simple immature gag into a completely insane movie.

You took the chance to think up brand NEW gags.

This could have had the predictable outcome of simply ending on a Goku hair turning blonde and pooping.

Goku did go Super Saiyan when pooping but it didn't end there.

You escalated the gag farther to mock actual aspects of Dragonballz.

The escalation of the gag added more for a lot of insanity that wouldn't otherwise have been in this cartoon.

I wasn't expecting to actually laugh but you accomplished creating something genuinely funny.

Great work.

POSTBOY responds:

Wow thats really nice of you thanks

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This Game was a lot of fun.

I really enjoy the 80's sounding music played during the Game itself.

It invoked a feeling of the Future ahead and Nostalgia at the same time.

It was easy to grasp the game's controls instantly.

The most simple of concepts are sometime the best.

Very entertaining.

Oultrox responds:

Thank you! I know it's kinda simple the game, but we aimed for a week of dev and this came out and we're really proud :D!

The engine designed for your game did not strike me as entirely special.

You click on a limited number of buttons to change sex acts.

The brush strokes applied to the drawing were clean.

The drawing style kinda reminds me of anime girls.

Perhaps cute girls could be drawn in a more distinct drawing style.

The girls themselves don't look like the usual generic carbon copy of anime.

Increased distinction in your drawing style will happen with increased practice with drawing.

Pay closer attention to the female form and carefully observe your subject.

You will be producing better dirty flash games in no time.

May you have better luck next time.

- Mightydein

You will need to observe pornographic material more closely to farther enhance your drawings.

Hair often reflects light and is often produces a shine in certain lighting conditions.

You can also use real life observation based around your personal life to enhance hentai submissions.

Use whatever reference material is needed to enhance your ability at drawing nudity.

I personally hate these hentai submissions to be perfectly honest.

but sometimes sinking to the lowest common denominator is the most effective way to get views.

Practice drawing the female form, nudity and work on adding more variety to future game engines.

I loved the blood effects used in this collection of animated shorts.

A ridiculous attention to detail is applied to the blood effects; However, other areas of drawing are often neglected.

I've always enjoyed watching cartoons by Livecorpse.

Unfortunately a lot of work produced by Livecorpse is often rushed quickly as possible.

Livecorpse is a very effective animator for reaching deadlines but sometimes the quality of his work suffers.

This collection has obviously recycled past animations from previous submissions.

Pumping out those animations quickly worked as an effective way to get better at drawing.

Livecorpse's later submissions became increasingly polished over time.

It's too bad that new livecorpse movies will never be made.

Livecorpse's abilities improved quickly and his best work was produced in 2004.

I hope the next generation of animators learn the same lessons that livecorpse did.

Pump out a lot of practice movies and don't fixate on critics.

The movie still presented recycled animations in a neat way.

I honestly prefer to watch the other submissions by livecorpse.

- Mightydein

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Shikairu's Sushi Emporium covers all your Raw fish needs.

Love the wacky sound effects, Goofy Imitation Japanese Accents, Music and voice acting.

I picture the visuals with this advertisement would look crazy.

it already sounds crazy.

CarlTheVoiceactor responds:

That's exactly the sort of imaginative and wacky style I was going for. Oh to have someone animate this would bring me such great honor (hehe no pun intended!). Glad you enjoyed, thanks for listening!

This music has the sound of both video games and classical music.

something about the sound of classical music is very timeless.

Good stuff.

Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you for the feedback :)

I've always been inspired by the music in games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross. There's a good blend of classical and more modern style music. Definitely a big influence for me.

Thanks again for listening <3

The mood set by this music would work effectively for setting the tone for a calm before the storm.

I don't see much movement in my mental images.

I get a sense of impending doom, dread and threatening vibes.

music like this would not be out of place in a horror movie.

Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you for the kind words. It's good to hear from you. Impending doom is just what I was going for with this one. A horror film didn't cross my mind, but I'd be interested to see that. Anyway, thanks again <3

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Pretty cool drawing of Kanada.

The shadows around the face is a nice added touch.

The shadows around the nose and eyes will look a bit different because of the distance.

Skull anatomy and how flesh wraps around the head is a little bit complex.

The drawing style of Akira is not entirely realistic but a very stylized version of realism influenced by the artist's own interpretation of reality.

You are seeing reality through the creator of akira's eyes.

It is possible to take akira fan art to the next level by injecting your own interpretation of reality into an already strong piece,

I do enjoy that you drew Kanada entirely within your style and I hope to see more your works taken to another level of stylized realism.

Keep at it.

Very cool.

KonanSaurus responds:

I really appreciated man, Thank you!

The subtle differences in line weight adds a far more 3D look to it.

Thick lines on the outside makes your eyes pay more attention to the thin lines on the inside.

I love seeing a mixture of line weight.

Your work is becoming much more 3D in it's look.

Keep at it.

I really love the colored outlines applied to these characters.

It looks a lot more interesting than the expected black outlines applied to the drawings.

You even change the outline colors according to various surfaces and textures.

wrinkles in clothes have kept to a minimum which works with the cartoony anime look.

The colors are excellent.

You used contrasting dark and light colors but within the same family of light colors.

Not easy way to create contrasting colors but works in a very tasteful way.

I like the brush like look used to create interesting textures.

Excellent work.

I have been really enjoying your artwork so far.

I hope you post more stuff in 2019.

Rafchu responds:

Thank you so much for your feedback, that's very thoughtful!
I'll keep on posting regularly, I love this place and its users -_^ happy new year!

I really love to draw.

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