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This Game was a lot of fun.

I really enjoy the 80's sounding music played during the Game itself.

It invoked a feeling of the Future ahead and Nostalgia at the same time.

It was easy to grasp the game's controls instantly.

The most simple of concepts are sometime the best.

Very entertaining.

Oultrox responds:

Thank you! I know it's kinda simple the game, but we aimed for a week of dev and this came out and we're really proud :D!

The engine designed for your game did not strike me as entirely special.

You click on a limited number of buttons to change sex acts.

The brush strokes applied to the drawing were clean.

The drawing style kinda reminds me of anime girls.

Perhaps cute girls could be drawn in a more distinct drawing style.

The girls themselves don't look like the usual generic carbon copy of anime.

Increased distinction in your drawing style will happen with increased practice with drawing.

Pay closer attention to the female form and carefully observe your subject.

You will be producing better dirty flash games in no time.

May you have better luck next time.

- Mightydein

You will need to observe pornographic material more closely to farther enhance your drawings.

Hair often reflects light and is often produces a shine in certain lighting conditions.

You can also use real life observation based around your personal life to enhance hentai submissions.

Use whatever reference material is needed to enhance your ability at drawing nudity.

I personally hate these hentai submissions to be perfectly honest.

but sometimes sinking to the lowest common denominator is the most effective way to get views.

Practice drawing the female form, nudity and work on adding more variety to future game engines.

I loved the blood effects used in this collection of animated shorts.

A ridiculous attention to detail is applied to the blood effects; However, other areas of drawing are often neglected.

I've always enjoyed watching cartoons by Livecorpse.

Unfortunately a lot of work produced by Livecorpse is often rushed quickly as possible.

Livecorpse is a very effective animator for reaching deadlines but sometimes the quality of his work suffers.

This collection has obviously recycled past animations from previous submissions.

Pumping out those animations quickly worked as an effective way to get better at drawing.

Livecorpse's later submissions became increasingly polished over time.

It's too bad that new livecorpse movies will never be made.

Livecorpse's abilities improved quickly and his best work was produced in 2004.

I hope the next generation of animators learn the same lessons that livecorpse did.

Pump out a lot of practice movies and don't fixate on critics.

The movie still presented recycled animations in a neat way.

I honestly prefer to watch the other submissions by livecorpse.

- Mightydein

I finally got this game started by pressing the shift key.

The shift key works effectively as the start button.

The controls for moving the ship had no problems.

The arrow keys are effective for moving the ship.

The actual shooting also uses the shift keys; However, pressing shift too many times will activate sticky keys.

The game is kinda cool but the poor choose of button for shooting will activate sticky keys.

This kinda renders your game as unplayable.

I look forward to your other possible games with improved controls.

Better luck, next time.


Very creative gaming engine and love how you can control two characters at the same time.

The game is very difficult because taking control of two animals is a challenge.

koopke responds:

Yha , one of the problems while I design the levels is that I was already played the mechanics tons of hours before, so I was pretty used to it, and levels sometimes looked even too easy. I promise kitten & chicken 2 would be much more easy though.

This is fun fighting game; however, I can't see everything on the screen and flash didn't give me the option to zoom out.

You might want to work on fixing the game's screen size to display every last detail.

The controls seemed to work just fine.

The fighting game engine seems to lack a life bar for each character.

I have no way of knowing how much damage is happening to either me or my opponent.

The characters don't bleed, bruise, break bones or get any kind of contusions during battle.

The lack of onscreen injuries is the sort of detail is easy to overlook in a fighting game.

Since damage can be depicted using other methods.

A life bar that displays damage is a common feature of fighting games that is often taken for granted.

Your audience expects to see life bars in their fighting games.

Other ways of displaying damage during battle is by making the sprite flicker with a strobe light effect.

I remember the bosses in TMNT video games would flicker as a way of displaying damage.

displaying damage in someway in fighting games adds an extra element of suspense.

You can become extremely excited that you have almost defeated your opponent.

Showing signs of visual damage helps to build a certain level of fear or anticipation in fighting games.

A life bar, injuries, blood, flickering are all possible ways to display damage in fighting games.

I assume you were aiming for a younger audience with this fighting game.

It is still not excuse to avoid including a life bar as a possible feature.

The lack of life bar is merely a small nit pick and is entirely optional.

Bushido blade did not include a life bar and fights were typically over quickly.

The sprites in your game were directly taken from already existing video games.

I honestly would prefer to see the anime characters drawn in your own style.

You could even create your own gaming sprites. backgrounds and animation effects.

This was a fun game overall but screen size is entirely too small to display all the necessary details.

Just fix the screen size and consider the rest of the review to be nit picking with optional ideas.

I like your game so far.


I like the eye catching title you have chosen for your game.

You picked an excellent and very obvious double entendre for the game's title.

A provocative title is a very effective way to garner views towards your work.

Cock is a word for both penis and a type of chicken.

The icon for the chicken was also an effective way to get views.

The game itself was a bit of a challenge and the chicken has an ability for shooting lasers.

I love the absurdity of the game's premise and how you utilized sexual innuendo to get more views.

Fun game.

The concept is lot like the combining robots of super sentai and power rangers.

The combining robot dinosaur concept makes for an interesting theme for your game.

This gaming engine shows a lot of potential and feels more like an introduction to a better game.

This game can be improved upon by adding more puzzles after the robot dinosaurs combined into a super robot.

I like the concept of combining robot dinosaurs to create more effective weapons against other combatants.

This submission caught my attention but it still needs more levels to make for a more interesting video game.


This game hardly differentiates itself from the other candy crush clones.

You simply click onto a row of the same color coded fruit and than disappear.

I consider this be a very bad game and the addition of a transparent white screen with text on top obscures my view of the graphics to a certain degree.

I can still tell what is going but that small obstruction of the game is not enough of an annoyance to distract away from the game itself.

I would still recommend removing that obstruction from that game.

I would like to see more additional features on that game.

I would be interested in seeing a more unique gaming engine used for your puzzle game.

Better luck, next time.


So much wasted creative energy here

This is a decent game but the fact you didn't create any of the characters is gonna cause me to drop a few points due to some elements of unoriginality.

The game was a lot of fun and was a bit of challenge and the fact the game play was based on rhythm was very interesting.

Beautifully done but had you created your own characters instead of relaying on already established popular characters that the newgrounds public will eat up just because it's from a video game they happen to enjoy.

My overall score would have been over the top.

You have the potential to bring in more original content to this site outside of parodies, tributes and homages.

Don't waste your potential by using the characters of someone else just because they have marquee value.


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