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 The Miiverse is a dying medium.

 Create those Miiverse drawings before November.

I would be interested in reading some of your different answers.


2016-09-25 21:08:57 by Mightydein


Today is Madness day

2016-09-22 20:33:57 by Mightydein

I started doing some madness related doodles as part of brain storm for a storyboard.

The storyboard will become an cartoon.

 I'm gonna try to make some sort of cartoon but it likely won't be finished  tonight.

I been meaning to get back into animation anyways.

Congratulations Vinstigator

2016-09-21 13:16:06 by Mightydein

An old friend of mine has recently gotten work in the closed off system of Hollywood.

 Check out his posting.


Lampabot drew this for me

2016-09-12 21:55:04 by Mightydein

258514_147373167411_Redmeow.jpgThanks Lampabot

My personal understanding of Color theory.

2016-09-10 19:48:48 by Mightydein





 The characters in all these pictures pop against their backgrounds.

 I hope these pictures inspire you to make better looking cartoons.

 Don't worry too much about what colors to use.

 Just worry about attracting attention to the most important parts of your picture.

 Play around with the color and have fun.


Lets build a snowman

2016-01-07 23:33:28 by Mightydein

We can make him our best friend.

Beavis and butthead

2015-06-17 15:48:12 by Mightydein



 I still love this drawing.

 It was created by someone else in 2003