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Pretty cool drawing of Kanada.

The shadows around the face is a nice added touch.

The shadows around the nose and eyes will look a bit different because of the distance.

Skull anatomy and how flesh wraps around the head is a little bit complex.

The drawing style of Akira is not entirely realistic but a very stylized version of realism influenced by the artist's own interpretation of reality.

You are seeing reality through the creator of akira's eyes.

It is possible to take akira fan art to the next level by injecting your own interpretation of reality into an already strong piece,

I do enjoy that you drew Kanada entirely within your style and I hope to see more your works taken to another level of stylized realism.

Keep at it.

Very cool.

KonanSaurus responds:

I really appreciated man, Thank you!

The subtle differences in line weight adds a far more 3D look to it.

Thick lines on the outside makes your eyes pay more attention to the thin lines on the inside.

I love seeing a mixture of line weight.

Your work is becoming much more 3D in it's look.

Keep at it.

I really love the colored outlines applied to these characters.

It looks a lot more interesting than the expected black outlines applied to the drawings.

You even change the outline colors according to various surfaces and textures.

wrinkles in clothes have kept to a minimum which works with the cartoony anime look.

The colors are excellent.

You used contrasting dark and light colors but within the same family of light colors.

Not easy way to create contrasting colors but works in a very tasteful way.

I like the brush like look used to create interesting textures.

Excellent work.

I have been really enjoying your artwork so far.

I hope you post more stuff in 2019.

Rafchu responds:

Thank you so much for your feedback, that's very thoughtful!
I'll keep on posting regularly, I love this place and its users -_^ happy new year!

I love the big adorable eyes on this girl.

The Cartoony style and dynamic pose are all great.

You have a real understanding of the muscle groups and bones in a woman's arms and legs.

a very fun anime styled drawing of a cute girl.

This drawing looks really cool.

I love the color selection used for auska's suit, hair and skin tone.

The pen strokes in the drawing have an extremely slick and clean look.

I love the hatching effects within the shadows and textures.

It really gives it a manga/comic look.

You also make asuka more like your own character.

You drew asuka a lot already and can apply more of your own original personality into the finished fanart.

This was a very cool drawing of my favourite eva character.

Excellent artwork.

Auska is my favorite character in eva.

I really love the jumping pose.

PowderRune responds:

Thank you! I had been on a pinup roll and thought it was time to make a more action-packed drawing. Glad you like it!

I really like the variety of facial expressions on the cute girls in this drawing.

It's really cool how you created a sense of motion in this drawing.

The motion blur combined with speedlines, sketchy lines contrasting cleaner lines are all really cool touches.

You could incorporate these same drawing techniques into animation too.

Take away the stronger elements of work such as the sex and nudity.

The artwork still stands on it's own because the really cool artistic techniques.

I'm very impressed with the sense of motion in this drawing.

Very cool.

You got some excellent contrasting dark and light colors in the above drawing.

The Robot girl POPs against the simple color card.

The lines are very slick and clean.

The character is very cute.

I'd like to see her in more of your artwork.

very cool

This drawing is very cute.

The clean pen strokes are very cool.

I really like the added touch of wrinkles in the clothes.

The subtle textures are a very nice touch and still has that anime cartoonish look.

I love the cartoony charm in this drawing.

It's cool that you are doing different types of lines in your artwork.

That Lina inverse drawing was cool too.

I really love to draw.

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