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It's very cool to some new stuff from the old star syndicate.

These quick little shorts are all funny.

Princess-Laucherella responds:

plz join our discord server pm me for an invite if u get this

I really love you thought of a creative way to tell the same story points in an already animated scene.

The teleportation device used to leave the scene works perfect as a visual gag.

using a walk cycle to leave would also work but that doesn't tell a very interesting story at all.

I'm curious about the teleportation device used in this scene.

Does it ever crop up again?

These reanimated collabs can be a lot of fun.

I worked on a scene Dragonball reanimated.

I look forward to seeing how your scene fits together with the rest of reanimated cartoon.

Excellent job.

Thunder28X responds:

Thank you very much!

The teleportation device doesn't appear later on, though that would have been cool.

The Dragonball Reanimated was great! One of my favorite Reanimated videos! I'll rewatch it and look for your scene.

This cartoon was hilarious.

I really love how you turned a simple immature gag into a completely insane movie.

You took the chance to think up brand NEW gags.

This could have had the predictable outcome of simply ending on a Goku hair turning blonde and pooping.

Goku did go Super Saiyan when pooping but it didn't end there.

You escalated the gag farther to mock actual aspects of Dragonballz.

The escalation of the gag added more for a lot of insanity that wouldn't otherwise have been in this cartoon.

I wasn't expecting to actually laugh but you accomplished creating something genuinely funny.

Great work.

POSTBOY responds:

Wow thats really nice of you thanks

I really enjoy your distinctive take on sailor moon.

You've drawn the girls in a very cute way.

I would love to see more artists think up new ways to draw cute girls.

Excellent work.

Excellent parody of Akira.

Tetsuo's forehead was very unusually big in the original anime.

You took the size of Tetsuo's forehead a step farther in this cartoon.

Hilarious exaggeration and a lot of funny gags.

This cracked me up.

It's very cool that you managed to create a newgrounds submission animated using cels.

It's even more impressive that this was posted in 2007.

I'd like to see future attempts at Cel animation on Newgrounds.

Newgrounds has a Video Player now.

Cel animation could play back a lot better at a video.

I'm very impressed that this submission worked within the old technical limitations of Newgrounds.

The Technical limitations have changed.

You can post cel animation as a video here now.

You had a very cool idea.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Thanks. I'd like to post some Bill Plympton style hand drawn cartoons on paper in future too.

an animated horror movie is a really cool idea.

This movie could have been a bit longer to allow extra space for a build up for more scares.

The intro really grabs your attention from the get go.

This adds more challenge to your horror movie because you have to raise the stakes even farther than ever.

an increased run-time allows for increased space to create a sense of security in your audience before taking them by surprise.

I like how the line art is mixture of messy and clean.

That is great for helping to establish mood.

You knew that lines help sell a sense of emotion.

I'd like to see more usage of messy lines to enhance a sense of dread.

The sound design in this movie was really cool.

I can't wait to see what other horror movies that you can think of.

I really enjoy watching these animated horror movies.

a Ninja movie is a really cool idea and could be an entertaining show.

What causes certain characters antagonize to one another?

a fight scene is not only part of a story.

It can also be the story.

Dive into the politics of your fight scene.

who are your characters?

spend a bit more time on the character's emotion and body language.

story and character is very important too.

get inside the mind of your characters.

thinking up fight scenes with a story to tell will become a bit more easy.

I look forward to seeing your better movies.

Keep going.

This was really cool.

Tantemal responds:

Thanks for the feedback, will definitely add from your advice in my next anime, as this one was more of an animation reel.

The visuals in 5 second scene is very striking and eye catching.

The two builders on each side of the frame creates a subtle framing boarder.

This attracts your eyes instantly to the more brightly colored city lights.

The shadows and lighting changes with blinking lights.

I really love how the buildings are distinct shapes and colors without distracting you away from the purple light.

This is a very beautiful background.

I would be interested in seeing how you will tackle a much longer animated short.

You need to allow for more breathing room to introduce characters, character development and tell a story.

To accomplish all of these things.

You need more time in the finished movie to fully articulate a completed story or part of a story.

I really love the science fiction atheistic of these few seconds.

I can't wait to see what you can accomplish with a bit more time put into it.

I have a feeling that your work will be worth the wait.

Keep going.

Deepest-Red responds:

Oh, thank you! I spent an entire month on this first scene, and am still not happy with it. I might make a few edits to the lighting on the characters, but everything else is staying. Um...yeah, this is just the first scene. I'm well into working on it. I regularly post updates on it on my Youtube. I have a pretty intricate walk cycle coming up that is going to have a similar mood to this first scene. And, this is just to catch viewers' eyes to watching the rest of it when I finish the first episode. I guess it works? Yeah, expect an actual fan series. I am literally willing to dedicate years to this project, considering I already have the story-lines and characters down. I will make this. And, I hope it's enjoyed.

I like your version of the same scene better.

It has the same kinda cute character designs but shows a lot more signs of life because of the motion.

I really love the improved contrast between background and character.

The characters POP more in the reanimated version.

I would love see more originality in your future work.

While reanimated movies are cool.

I'm excited to see your own original characters, stories and movies.

You can create some very cool original stuff.

I look forward to seeing more of your artwork.

I really love to draw.

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