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Man-go Episode 1: The Orange-in Story Man-go Episode 1: The Orange-in Story

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a surprisingly cool cartoon.

I love the concept of a Mango Superhero that talks like Batman.

I really enjoyed the Puns and a few of the funny drawings.

I would like to see a lot more visual humor.

The Attacking Peas had some pretty funny facial expressions.

The coloring can some improvement.

Just picture your environments as 3D.

Imagine where the light is coming from.

This will help you with creating functional shadows for those drawings.

Sometimes shadows can become distracting if used the wrong way.

Think of ways to direct my eyes towards important areas.

You did some really good contrasting colors to attract the eye towards characters.

The Character is way more important than background.

The drawing outline is the usual standard black outline.

Try experimenting with different color combinations to set mood.

You can draw the character outline in a variety of colors.

Experiment with line thickness to make each character pop more.

This new series has a lot of potential for visual appeal.

You can experiment with new drawing styles, techniques and animation styles.

I look forward to the new episodes.

May the new episodes be more successful.

Keep up the good work.


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Mr Rex ; Episode 2 - Adversaries Mr Rex ; Episode 2 - Adversaries

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I just finished watching episode two and it has proven to be more polished than the first episode.

I really love how the dinosaurs now move more three dimensionally.

The one effect of the simulated Television look on one of the spaceship monitors was pretty slick.

I personally found the entire movie to be way too short.

It did everything right to really grab my attention but needed a longer runtime to allow breathing room for the characters to tell a complete story.

even just a scene in a story tells a story of it's own.

The first episode while weak in production values did have a long story that did allow for Humor, Action, Character building and suspense.

If you combined the best elements from episode 1 and episode 2.

You would have the most successful episode of Mr.Rex so far.

This is a very charming series so far but something this ambitious ins scope can't be rushed.

use slide shows with paintings and narration if you need stuff to expand upon the story if you need to eliminate some workload.

I seen Gundam wing get away with using a short slideshow while a narrator talks to advance the story.

The visual elements of the show is very important too.

Do whatever you can to bring more visual variety to the Mr.Rex episodes.

If you are bored with one animation technique while working on this.

Try another animation technique.

It really doesn't matter what style you use.

If the animation suits emotion than it is perfect.

Once you have told a bit of a complete story even if part of the bigger story.

You can treat episodes of a serial as an individual scene.

Place a strong importance on suspense because this will land your show more repeated customers.

The future episodes have the potential to become better and better.

You just gotta place equal importance on animation, visuals, writing, character and everything that packages this great series as a whole.

I personally preferred episode 1 but love the visual evolution of episode 2.

both episodes have their good qualities but you can borrow from both to make an amazing episode 3.

Most shows don't really hit their stride until the later episodes evolve.

I look forward to the new episodes

Stick arena Stick arena

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The stick figures have some very awesome vehicles and weaponry.

It was a cool fight scene but the poses were a bit stiff.

loosen your stick figure poses by drawing the direction of each pose before constructing your stick figures.

Apply a line of action to your stick figures to make the violence more visually dynamic.

You can even treat your stick figures like 3D objects.

Just doing these things to your stick figure movies will push the stick figure movie to it's limits.

It's cool movie but you can take it a step farther.

You got some potential so far.

Trench Battle Trench Battle

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

You did a great job on drawing the weaponry but the perspective looks a bit strange.

The way the soldiers are standing and moving is not really appropriate for the background used.

It's an overhead shot combined with ground level soldiers.

The angle you selected would mostly show the top of the soldiers head.

This is going to be a difficult angle to work with.

When drawing a new angle.

be sure to draw a bit more slowly since attempting difficult angles can sometimes make focusing on the lines a bit harder.

you've attempted a pretty advanced drawing skill.

Perspective is not easy but you'll master it with a bit of practice.

Keep trying and stay motivated.

as for my other criticism.

Just make the movie a bit longer since good characters, a story and plenty of action will make for an entertaining stick figure movie.

better luck next time.

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Thestickanimator responds:

Ok, thanks for the tips

Mr Rex Opening 1「ANGELCITY」 Mr Rex Opening 1「ANGELCITY」

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is actually a pretty cool intro but the animation moved a bit too fast for me to really fully comprehend everything seen.

It obviously has a very high frame rate.

The animation moved a bit too fast for me to really soak everything in.

I really wish programs like flash had capabilities for easy frame rate modulation.

I often wanted to change the frame rates within the same cartoon simply because certain actions require changing speeds.

The Cape moving fast in the wind effect was perfect.

My main criticism about your intro is about finding a way to slow down certain actions to make it more visible to the viewer.

The first shot of the spaceship coming out the worm hole.

The spaceship moves close enough to the character that you see the first character.

Than the camera zip pans to a scientist looking dinosaur.

and than three dinosaurs bop up and down to simulate walking to create another pan.

all of those actions is a lot to process in only nine seconds.

That scene could be timed a bit more slowly to make it read better on the screen.

I had to rewatch that part a few times just to catch everything in those 9 seconds.

This shot can be slowed down to really let the viewer soak it all in.

The shot of the three dinosaurs looking at moving planets was a cool shot.

I like a lot of the 3D shots in your intro.

You are starting to treat your characters as 3D objects.

You'll move those characters more loosely as you get better at constructing your character drawings and improve control over your details.

I once animated stick figures for years and eventually learned how to move them more three dimensionally.

You learn better control over details as you get better.

Good drawing is not just about applying lots of details but having total control over those details.

Your already starting to make attempts at moving those dinosaurs three dimensionally.

I predict the dinosaurs will be animated a bit looser and more lively over time.

For future intros of your series.

slow down the animation and let the viewer soak everything.

Other than that one negative criticism about the animation speed in your intro.

It's still really cool and shows a lot of obvious hard work.

This was a decent movie.

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DynoStorm responds:

Cheers. There's only so much I can do about speed if I still want it to match the track but I'll think of somethin'

Artist in Madness Artist in Madness

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I was wondering about your evolution as an animator since 2015.

I haven't seen your work in years and your most recent work was created 2 years ago.

Do you have any plans on returning to animation?

I love the concept of a madness movie about a crazed looney drawing faces on all the madness characters.

This movie was actually pretty funny.

Please come back to animation this year.


LightningBolt13 responds:

sorry for such a late response.. i actually have been animating, but just on youtube! i figured that a lot of the stuff i had posted there wouldn't necessarily fit here, so i just stopped posting! i was actually starting to plan on making some stuff this year that would fit well on this site, so hopefully i can get some stuff here within this year.

Scarfed Hero Part 1 (Animation) Scarfed Hero Part 1 (Animation)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Your stick figure movies could improve with a few small adjustments.

Focus on making these adjustments for future episodes and each new instalment will become increasingly successful overtime.

The stick figures have some very stiff poses.

You can loosen the stick figure poses by using a line of action.

You draw a line pointing towards the direction of your poses.

Draw your stick figure over your line of action.

You could even draw the line of action on a layer under your planned stick figures.

A line of action is an invisible line often use to make poses of cartoon characters more Dynamic.

The best stick figure movies often apply a line of action to their character poses.

exaggeration and Dynamic poses will really help sale the fighting better.

Your backgrounds should use a more contrasting colour for the outlines.

Your stickmen are black but so are the outlines of the entire background.

Use different colours for outlines and your stick figures will stand-out a bit more.

Throw away your ideas on how a cartoon is supposed to look.

You can use different colour outlines for characters, trees, grass and sky.

Go outside and take some time to observe anything that looks like the settings you want for backgrounds.

draw these settings to the best of your abilities even if in stick figure style.

Your real life observation will greatly enhance your work even as a stick figure movie.

You could use all sorts of colours based on reality to enhance colour selection.

The most important thing about colouring is that attention goes towards your characters.

The moving clouds in a few of the backgrounds was a nice touch.

I like the moving grass blades in the wind but it was sometimes distracting in places.

Limit moving clouds and grass blowing in the wind to slower parts.

The one shot of the stick figure standing perfectly still while grass blowing in the wind has a dramatic look to it.

simply some of your backgrounds a bit more to bring more attention towards your stick figures.

A mixture of light and dark colour will help make the characters standout.

It could be dark colours on background and lighter colours on characters.

It could be light colours on background and darker colours on characters.

Contrasting colors whenever appropriate will make a significant improvement on creating a more polishing looking cartoon.

Trust your own sense of taste with colour while trying to make your characters contrast against background.

If an object is far away use thinner outlines and less detail.

Keep a lot of your drawings simple until you become better at having control over those details.

I predict that your new work will be a lot better.

I hope my advice helps you become more successful.

I will come back and watch your new stuff.

Better luck in the future.

Keep drawing and stay motivated.

DiaugelAnimations responds:

Thank you so much for that wonderful feedback <3 ill take into consideration all the points you make, again thanks.

invader zim invader zim

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It takes a lot of control to animate wrinkles with any degree of steadiness.

The wrinkles take away most of the cuteness of invader zim characters.

I honestly hate the added wrinkles but your control over all the different textures and details in animation demonstrates a certain level of skill.

This is a very well made submission by technical standards.

Good work.


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Spinosaurus VS Trex WIP Spinosaurus VS Trex WIP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really love how the dinosaur shapes are formed together using a harmonious series of simple shapes.

The series of shapes used combine together to create dimensional objects.

I really love how freely the dinosaurs move in all angles.

The dinosaurs could use a bit more exaggeration to liven up action poses.

Draw the invisible line of action before creating the skeleton of each pose.

Keep studying those animation principles.

Your kicking ass so far.


animatrocities responds:

Thanks so much!

Steel Ball Run fan-trailer Animation Steel Ball Run fan-trailer Animation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The drawings looked great but the animation can be improved upon by more movement and loosening up certain poses.

Your drawings have a lot of detail and utilizing limited animation was a good idea.

The overall movie looks exactly like a professional anime.

Excellent work.


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