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Man-go Episode 1: The Orange-in Story Man-go Episode 1: The Orange-in Story

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a surprisingly cool cartoon.

I love the concept of a Mango Superhero that talks like Batman.

I really enjoyed the Puns and a few of the funny drawings.

I would like to see a lot more visual humor.

The Attacking Peas had some pretty funny facial expressions.

The coloring can some improvement.

Just picture your environments as 3D.

Imagine where the light is coming from.

This will help you with creating functional shadows for those drawings.

Sometimes shadows can become distracting if used the wrong way.

Think of ways to direct my eyes towards important areas.

You did some really good contrasting colors to attract the eye towards characters.

The Character is way more important than background.

The drawing outline is the usual standard black outline.

Try experimenting with different color combinations to set mood.

You can draw the character outline in a variety of colors.

Experiment with line thickness to make each character pop more.

This new series has a lot of potential for visual appeal.

You can experiment with new drawing styles, techniques and animation styles.

I look forward to the new episodes.

May the new episodes be more successful.

Keep up the good work.


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Mr Rex ; Episode 2 - Adversaries Mr Rex ; Episode 2 - Adversaries

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I just finished watching episode two and it has proven to be more polished than the first episode.

I really love how the dinosaurs now move more three dimensionally.

The one effect of the simulated Television look on one of the spaceship monitors was pretty slick.

I personally found the entire movie to be way too short.

It did everything right to really grab my attention but needed a longer runtime to allow breathing room for the characters to tell a complete story.

even just a scene in a story tells a story of it's own.

The first episode while weak in production values did have a long story that did allow for Humor, Action, Character building and suspense.

If you combined the best elements from episode 1 and episode 2.

You would have the most successful episode of Mr.Rex so far.

This is a very charming series so far but something this ambitious ins scope can't be rushed.

use slide shows with paintings and narration if you need stuff to expand upon the story if you need to eliminate some workload.

I seen Gundam wing get away with using a short slideshow while a narrator talks to advance the story.

The visual elements of the show is very important too.

Do whatever you can to bring more visual variety to the Mr.Rex episodes.

If you are bored with one animation technique while working on this.

Try another animation technique.

It really doesn't matter what style you use.

If the animation suits emotion than it is perfect.

Once you have told a bit of a complete story even if part of the bigger story.

You can treat episodes of a serial as an individual scene.

Place a strong importance on suspense because this will land your show more repeated customers.

The future episodes have the potential to become better and better.

You just gotta place equal importance on animation, visuals, writing, character and everything that packages this great series as a whole.

I personally preferred episode 1 but love the visual evolution of episode 2.

both episodes have their good qualities but you can borrow from both to make an amazing episode 3.

Most shows don't really hit their stride until the later episodes evolve.

I look forward to the new episodes

Stick arena Stick arena

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The stick figures have some very awesome vehicles and weaponry.

It was a cool fight scene but the poses were a bit stiff.

loosen your stick figure poses by drawing the direction of each pose before constructing your stick figures.

Apply a line of action to your stick figures to make the violence more visually dynamic.

You can even treat your stick figures like 3D objects.

Just doing these things to your stick figure movies will push the stick figure movie to it's limits.

It's cool movie but you can take it a step farther.

You got some potential so far.

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Vicky and Nishe's Night of Passion Vicky and Nishe's Night of Passion

Rated 1 / 5 stars

The engine designed for your game did not strike me as entirely special.

You click on a limited number of buttons to change sex acts.

The brush strokes applied to the drawing were clean.

The drawing style kinda reminds me of anime girls.

Perhaps cute girls could be drawn in a more distinct drawing style.

The girls themselves don't look like the usual generic carbon copy of anime.

Increased distinction in your drawing style will happen with increased practice with drawing.

Pay closer attention to the female form and carefully observe your subject.

You will be producing better dirty flash games in no time.

May you have better luck next time.

- Mightydein

You will need to observe pornographic material more closely to farther enhance your drawings.

Hair often reflects light and is often produces a shine in certain lighting conditions.

You can also use real life observation based around your personal life to enhance hentai submissions.

Use whatever reference material is needed to enhance your ability at drawing nudity.

I personally hate these hentai submissions to be perfectly honest.

but sometimes sinking to the lowest common denominator is the most effective way to get views.

Practice drawing the female form, nudity and work on adding more variety to future game engines.

High Quality Murders High Quality Murders

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I loved the blood effects used in this collection of animated shorts.

A ridiculous attention to detail is applied to the blood effects; However, other areas of drawing are often neglected.

I've always enjoyed watching cartoons by Livecorpse.

Unfortunately a lot of work produced by Livecorpse is often rushed quickly as possible.

Livecorpse is a very effective animator for reaching deadlines but sometimes the quality of his work suffers.

This collection has obviously recycled past animations from previous submissions.

Pumping out those animations quickly worked as an effective way to get better at drawing.

Livecorpse's later submissions became increasingly polished over time.

It's too bad that new livecorpse movies will never be made.

Livecorpse's abilities improved quickly and his best work was produced in 2004.

I hope the next generation of animators learn the same lessons that livecorpse did.

Pump out a lot of practice movies and don't fixate on critics.

The movie still presented recycled animations in a neat way.

I honestly prefer to watch the other submissions by livecorpse.

- Mightydein

Star Blazer Star Blazer

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I finally got this game started by pressing the shift key.

The shift key works effectively as the start button.

The controls for moving the ship had no problems.

The arrow keys are effective for moving the ship.

The actual shooting also uses the shift keys; However, pressing shift too many times will activate sticky keys.

The game is kinda cool but the poor choose of button for shooting will activate sticky keys.

This kinda renders your game as unplayable.

I look forward to your other possible games with improved controls.

Better luck, next time.


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Mini Midi Adventure Mini Midi Adventure

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This track reminds me of old school video game music; However, you used more simple bleeps.

The music reminds me of 80's synthesisers.

It has a good sound.

sumidiotdude responds:

Thanks for the kind words my man, gracias!

Bioluminescence 4 Bioluminescence 4

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This track sounds like something out of a modern video game.

I love the horror styled tone established within the musical style of this very soundtrack.

This track would not be out of place in a horror movie of either live action or animation.

I don't really commonly associate this track with video games.

My mind usually thinks of the classic 8bit music from the nintendo era.

My mind also thinks of 16bit music as well.

Old style video game music managed to create good sounding music from annoying bleeps and bloops.

Electronic music has transformed a lot since the early days of video games.

This was an excellent track and it was short.

- Mightydein

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Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you kindly. Sort of a weird thing I do, but I like to make sequels to some of my songs. Not sure if other people do that. There's 3 other songs like this one. But anyways, thank you!

The Great Sky Machine The Great Sky Machine

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great music for establishing mood.

I picture the start of the music starts to set up a confrontation before the inevitable fight scene.

The music than picks up and a funky sound begins to kick in.

This track has plenty of variety it's overall sound.

The variety was perfect for the song's run time.

One of your better tracks.

- Mightydein

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Bertn1991 responds:

Ooh, one of my better tracks you say? Thanks : ) It was a fun one to make I must say.

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Shantae half genie hero FanArt Shantae half genie hero FanArt

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Your drawings have really evolved a lot.

Your characters are starting to have chins and Jawlines.

A lot of old drawings used circles for heads but now you have improved significantly .

Your new work seems to have an increasing understanding of human anatomy.

This has to be the most professional looking of your work so far.

I look forward to seeing what your new art looks like in 2017.

I will be reviewing your new work according to higher standards because of your impressive improvements.

You got more talent than I expected.

Keep drawing and stay motivated.

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Luibluw responds:

Thanks dude that really means a lot, I appreciate the kind words and support.

Sentry Knight: Tactics - Official Promotional Art Sentry Knight: Tactics - Official Promotional Art

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The drawing looks very cool.

I love the lively cartoony like characters for this drawing.

The Knight is my favorite character out of the whole bunch.

I like the contrasting color schemes.

The environment has an effect on how each character is colored.

You used two light sources in the overall picture.

That is difficult to do.

You did a great job on this fun drawing.

I love it.

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Jedi Leonardo Jedi Leonardo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love Ninja turtles.

The picture has lots of shadows, lighting and details.

The light saber has an effect on the lights and shadows.

The lighting and shadows have clear direction.

The picture of Leonardo can be improved by drawing him in a more dynamic action poses.

Detailed characters are a bit more difficult to pose but it can be done.

Use an invisible line of action to help create a direction of your poses.

Create the skeleton of your drawing to assist yourself with creating a three dimensional drawing.

Your doing awesome work so far.

I look forward to seeing your new stuff.

Keep up the good work.